Numero Uno

So as I sit and write this first post I’m excited and scared.  This is completely stepping out of my comfort zone.  This is admitting to the world that, yes, I struggle with my weight.  This topic is so private to me.  I cringe when someone talks about something that I am eating.  I refuse to go out to eat by myself.  My eating habits are really what others are eating around me. Why I care what other people think?  I have no idea.  And really does anyone else care what I am eating?  Probably not.  But I still sit there and think that someone is going to look at my plate and think, “She should not be eating that.”  I would much rather eat in private.

I’m an emotional eater.  I eat when I’m bored.  I use food as a reward.  I think I might be obsessed with food.  Every day is a struggle.

I wish I could just sit back and not have to worry about what I’m eating.  It feels like a second job sometimes.  Planning out my menu a day or two ahead, calculating the calories, measuring out everything I eat.  I measure my cereal.  I measure the cream I put in my coffee.  Everyday I learn a little more.  Now I need to look at the carbs, because for every 4 carbs, it equals 1 tsp of sugar.  How crazy is that?  That’s what all this is for me.  It’s a learning process.  I need to find what works for me.

This is my first post.  I’ll add pics.  I’ll show you what I eat.  I’ll keep you updated.  My first challenge for myself is starting tomorrow (I know that is a common phrase…haha) I’m going to do Jillian Michaels 3o day Shred.  I want to see what it really does for you in 30 days.  I’ll take measurements tomorrow and track it for 30 days.  Some days I might do more than just the 30 day shred, other days that might be it.  See you tomorrow!


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