It’s 4:00 Can I Go To Sleep???

Ok…. so I’m exhausted, and it’s only 4:00 in the afternoon… or is it evening?  After waking up at 4:00 am this morning, I ended up getting out of bed and getting my day started.  I actually woke up at 12:30, 2:30, 3:30 and finally at 4:00 I was feeling wide awake.  My work schedule takes a toll on my body.  I’m working a midnight shift right now, so I actually wake up at all hours, which means I catch cat naps at all hours, so my body never really knows when to sleep.  At 5:30 I decided I should get the first day of my 30 day Shred in.  After a 27 minute workout I had burned 258 calories.  Not bad, not bad.  I was just proud that I had gotten it done.  Phew!  One thing off my to do list.

This was breakfast… 1/4 cup Egg Beater, some chopped tomato and onion, and 2 Morningstar sausage links.  Yum!

At about 11:00 I was feeling like I needed a recharge and decided it was time for coffee number 2.  Iced though since it was a pretty nice day.

I had a busy afternoon and it kind of just flew by.  I wanted to take a nap around 1:00 but didn’t trust myself to wake up in time to pick Justine (that’s my daughter) up from school, so I kept busy and had some lunch.

I had a Morningstar chick patty on deliflat bread, baconaise, and some lettuce.  On the side I had some apple baked beans.  I went to and picked a whole lotta apples recently so you’ll be seeing a lot more applely food.  I got to get creative sometimes.  Baked beans with apple= yummy.  As I was heading out to pick Justine up I realized that I was pretty hungry and grabbed a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar.  It was just what I needed. 

I’m getting ready to go get Justine a pink extension in her hair.  It’s temporary, but a salon is putting them in for breast cancer month, and she’s going to be a punk rocker for Halloween, so it works out.  I’m debating if I want to make my third coffee of the day.  Usually I only drink a cup in the morning, but I’m hurting today.  When I get back my dinner will be ready…

It’s some romaine lettuce, chopped tomato and onion, and shredded carrots.  I’ll be adding a tbs of Italian dressing to use it up.  Yes, that’s a slice of Domiono’s Hawaiian pizza.  My daughter thought that it was a good idea to order pizza yesterday, and since I was away from her all weekend I couldn’t refuse. 

I’m off to make my coffee… I decided I really need it to get me through the rest of the day and then we’re off for some pink hair.


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