It’s All About Choices

My day started off like most mornings that I’m off.  I woke up and was ready for breakfast.  I’m not one of those people that say they can’t eat breakfast when they first wake up, or that they aren’t hungry.  I am starving in the morning, so for breakfast I had…

Homemade apple bread, strawberry/mago/pineapple smoothie and coffee

I also added five squirts of I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter.  Pretty good.  I used the Yoplait frozen fruit for smoothies, and although it is tasty, I was looking at the ingredients and well there are too many.  I mean shouldn’t it just be some frozen fruit?  But no, it was a whole list and as I reading ingredient after ingredient thought… I’m sticking to just regular old fruit and milk for a smoothie if that’s what I want.  I bought a few bags with some coupons I had cut, so of course I will finish them, cause I am never one to waste food.

So after breakfast I drove my lovely daughter to school, because she does not ride the bus (my rule not her’s).  I came back home did my 30 day Shred and burned another 258 calories and then was off to the doctor.  It was just for a yearly check up *cringe*, but I love my doctor and nurse, so it wasn’t too bad.  After the doc’s I was meeting a friend for lunch.  At first we were going to go to The Olive Garden, so I got on the internet last night to plan out my meal.  I figured lunch would run me around 370 calories… not bad.  We had a last minute change though, and decided that Panera Bread would be better.  I whipped out my handy dandy Droid and looked up Panera Bread.  For just about the same calories I had budgeted for I got a cup of black bean soup…YUM, and half a BBQ Chicken salad…Double Yum.  Sorry there are no pictures.  I am just starting out and am a little camera shy in public.  I’m sure it’ll pass but for now I’ll just have to let you know what I munched on.

Once I got home I had about an hour to squeeze in a nap, and when I woke up I needed

Iced coffee

This two, three, (or yesterday four) cups of coffee a day is not my usual.  I’m just needing an extra boost lately.  I went and registered for my Spring semester classes and then picked Justine up from my parents house.  I ran back home to get a quick dinner

Domino's Hawaiian Pizza with side salad

It’s a repeat of last night, but when you only eat one slice at a time pizza will last a few days.  I have two more days to go!  I got everything together to run Justine back over to my parent’s and I was off to the gym.  After a hour there, and 700 calories burned ( I know, right?) I was ready for a night at work.  I brought a few snacks with me, but since I already ate my three meals I don’t try to eat anything big.

Cup O' grapes

Carrots w/ 1 tbs Green Goddess dressing

Slim Fast!

On a side note, I wouldn’t be able to know the exact calories burned if it wasn’t for a great get together I attended this past weekend.  I was so excited to win a ticket from Jen, to a get together she was hosting.  I learned so much information and met wonderful people.  Well, in her great goodie bag everyone attending got a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  I love it!  Seeing the calories you are actually burning gives me that extra motivation I need.

Here’s a little laugh to leave you with… Justine had me pick out her clothes for school in the morning.  I picked a t-shirt that has a little heart cut out in the back and lace over the cut out.  I brought it to her and she said I think that’s illegal for school.  Haha.  She gave up on me and went to pick out one on her own.


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