Don’t you hate it when you do everything your supposed to do.  You exercise 1 hour and 27 minutes.  You eat right, and when you wake up in the morning and go step on the scale, fingers crossed, hoping that it will say something less than the day before, only to find it says more.  That happened to me this morning.  I just knew I had lost a little more weight.  I stepped on the scale fingers crossed, eyes closed and when I looked down I wanted to grab that scale and throw it out the window.  I have a love/hate relationship with that thing.  On the days I lose weight, I love it.  Other days not so much.  Now, it did only say that I gained 6 ounces, and I know that my weight may fluctuate from day-to-day. I’m one of those people who must weigh themselves every morning.  I can’t help to feel a little frustrated.  I wanted to throw up my white flag, grab a bar of chocolate, and be done with this unrelenting journey.  Instead I turned my dvd player and started my 30 day shred workout, even though the whole time I was thinking what’s the point.

Then it was time to grab a bite to eat before I had to run out the door.  I bet you can’t guess today’s breakfast….

Apple Bread with some Iced Coffee

Haha.. today I opted out of the smoothie though and decided to try the bread heated, which was pretty good.  I had some iced coffee for the road and then I was off.  I chose to opt out of having a smoothie because I needed those calories else where.  I went to my parent’s house and had a few Bud Lights with my Dad.  I just can’t let him drink alone.  We headed over to our grocery store, Wegman’s, and I got my dinner which was sautéed veggies and Asian Bbq Tofu.  I had every intention of breaking out of my camera in public thing, but instead started eating  inhaling my food.  Maybe next time.  It was very tasty though.  Once we got back to my parent’s house, yes, going to the grocery store is a family affair, my mom brought out something I just couldn’t refuse.

Oh my goodnes... so good!

It was a chocolate, caramel, nut covered pretzel and I enjoyed every bite.  That however was an extra treat that I did not include in my calories, but hey I couldn’t not eat it.  After the beer and chocolate pretzel I knew I had to drag myself to the gym, even though my energy was slowly fading away.  I didn’t workout as hard as I wanted to, but I still burned 658 calories while I was there.  After my workout I munched on…

Cup O' grapes

and drank

Noni Berry Diet Snapple

It was pretty good.  I usually drink water throughout my day, but after working out I always crave something with some flavor.  I’m not sure why, but today this did the trick.  For dinner I’ll be having

Hawaiian pizza with side salad

My last piece!  Woohooooo!  So I’m going to try not to let that darn scale get me down.  And hopefully with my splurge today it won’t affect me too much tomorrow.  Sometimes I don’t even want to get on the scale, but then the curosity gets the best of me.  Here’s a pic to leave you with…

Two Deer in front of my parent's house


2 Responses to “Frustration”

  1. Katie Says:

    Ooooo I have a hate/hate relationship with the scale – it seriously has SUCH power of the tone of my day and I HATE that. I used to weigh myself all the time, but I had to stop because it made me so crazy. I even close my eyes when I go to the doctor now so I don’t have to see that number. But you have to do what works for you. 🙂 Good job on your workouts – you are an inspiration!

  2. kristisn Says:

    I sometimes wish I could stop weighing myself, but I’m one of those instant gratification people. I need to see the numbers going down, but geez if they go up… it does make for a blah day. Thanks for stopping by!

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