I’m in a rut…

You ever feel like you’re in a rut, and you just can’t seem to get out of it?  I’m usually one to keep a pretty good schedule.  I get what I need to get done throughout the day and I go to sleep feeling accomplished, but lately I just can’t seem to get caught up.  I have an ongoing to do list that I keep in my kitchen.  I’m always crossing things off, and adding things to it.  Sometimes I put something simple on there like make dinner, just so I can cross it off at the end of the night and feel like I got something done.

Lately I’ve just ben feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe there is just a lot on my plate.  With work, school, and my home I feel like it never ends.  I have a hard time just sitting and relaxing because I feel like there is so much I could be doing with that time.  Even leisurely things like reading, turns into a chore.  Oh, I have 10 minutes I need to read some of my book.  If I want to watch a show, I knit.  Yup, I knit.  I’ve been working on a blanket for the past year. I’m finally on the last color, and am so excited to get it finished.  And then there is always some homework or paper I should be working on.

I just need to get my balance back.  What do other people do when they feel overwhelmed?  I daydream about getting in the car and just driving… driving until I run out of gas.  What I do when I get there, I don’t know.  My daydream doesn’t get that far.

Okay, thanks for listening.  I just needed to get that out! I’ll post later with my eats, but maybe not with the same repeating pictures.  I was looking over my posts and saw just the same thing.  I’m learning this blog thing as I go.


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