And so it begins…

And so Halloween begins

Mmmmm... chocolate

This is a few pieces of Halloween candy that my daughter has gotten so far.  She’s one of those weird ones that doesn’t like chocolate.  I don’t know how she ended up like that.  I would think my chocolate gene would definitely pass on to her.  She’ll eat plain chocolate on occasion, but anything else is given to Mom.  *sigh* And since I don’t waste food I’ll have to eat it.  Maybe I can eat a piece a day (or maybe not).

I’m enjoying my lazy Saturday.  I’m catching up on all my Housewives (Atlanta, Bev Hills, and D.C….the reunion).  So I feel like I’m still getting something done I do chores during commercial breaks.  Haha.  Does anyone else do that?  My day started out with the usual breakfast Apple bread, mixed berry smoothie and a latte.   I started Level 2 on the 30 day shred.  I was a little scared, but I think I like Level 2 better than level 1.  I only burned 237 calories, but my cal fat % was higher.  Does anyone know what that means?  Is it better to have a highger % of fat cal, then calories burned?

For dinner/lunch ( I got up late, so I’m eating both meals as one)  I ate a little bit more calorie wise since it’s two meals in one.

Calamari with creole remoulade sauce, garlic sweet potato fries, and for my veggie a side salad

Calamari with creole remoulade sauce, garlic sweet potato fries, and for my veggie... a salad

I was craving something not so good for me, but didn’t want to over indulge so I went into my freezer and got out the Margaritaville Calamari that was an impulse but one day at Target.  I stayed with a serving and I must say it hit the spot.  I had a fee sweet potato fries to use up, and sweet potato fries… yum.  The meal was pretty good but was even better with some wine.

Oh, red wine how I love you

And wine goes even better when I’m drinking it with my friend, Erin.  I am blessed to have my bestie live right across from me.  We met when she first moved in, and she has a daughter the same age as mine.  They are only 15 days apart.  You can often find us at each other’s house drinking a glass bottle of wine.  For a snack we munched on some popcorn.

Caramel, cheddar, and jalapeno popcorn

The day kind of flew by.  That always happens when your off though.  Tomorrow will be a day filled with family and friends.  We’re going to my parent’s house in the morning for some waffles.  Then we’ll come back home and get ready for the evening.  The evening will be filled with fire for roasting hot dog and marshmallows and of course trick or treating.  I’m sure it will be a day of fun.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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