I Did It!

Well, I did it.  Some of you may not understand, some of you may think that it’s silly, and some of you may wonder why I hadn’t done it before.  Today I feel like I accomplished something I had been worrying about for the past few days.  Okay, so Thursdays I get together with my parent’s.  I get together with them more than just Thursday’s, but this was the day I worried about.  In the evening I’ll sit and have a few beers with my Dad.  A few beers is like 3.  We went from drinking regular beer to light beer, but I still know that on Thursdays I drink 330 calories just in beer.  *shaking my head*  It’s our thing, and I felt like I was losing our Thursday thing if I didn’t have a beer with him.  So the past week I wandered can I give up Thursday’s beer?  I’m a drinker.  Sometimes I can have a drink, sometimes a few and sometimes too many.  I know this about myself.  Anyway, I walked into my parent’s house and my Dad was already at the table drinking his beer.  I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t grab a beer either.  I just sat and talked.  A few minutes later my Dad asked me if I was drinking.  “Not today”  I said.  I did it.  I passed up beer Thursday, and I felt good.  I felt like I jumped over this big hurdle.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to drink.  In fact I’m going to a wine festival on Saturday (with my Dad), but my goal was to cut back on some of my drinking and that is what I did today.

Now that I got that out-of-the-way, I’ll tell you a little of my day.  I woke up to a rainy Thursday.  Rain is great sleeping weather, but not too good when getting out of bed.  I just wanted to stay in there, but I pulled myself out my million covers and went downstairs to do my30 Day Shread.  I could feel that my energy wasn’t as high as it was yesterday, but I still managed to burn 285 calories.  For breakfast I went back to my apple bread, smoothie, and coffee.

A couple squirts of I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter, and my breakfast was made.  Very easy morning.  I don’t have a jamba juice around where I live so when I saw this in the frozen isle

I know it's not the same as going to Jamba Juice, but this will have to do

It wasn’t bad, and it was quite filling.

For lunch I went to Wegman’s with my mom and I picked up some sushi, while she got pizza for the rest of the fam,

California Rolls and Shrimp California Rolls with brown rice

Sorry.  I took a picture of them while they were still in my cart.  I was so hungry I knew the minute I had the chance I was going to tear into those babies, and not worry about any picture-taking.  I love soy sauce and wasabi, and though the smell of pizza was enticing I felt satisfied with my rolls.

I went to my loves, Honey Cinnamon Almonds, as a snack before heading to the gym.

Archer Farm Honey Cinnamon Almonds

If you haven’t tried these babies, you need to pick some up next time you are in Target.  They are delish!

My gym workout wasn’t as productive as yesterday.  My energy level never picked up from this morning.  I still burned 654 calories, but that was about 100 less than what I did yesterday.  At least I did something though.  No worries.  My legs just couldn’t move anymore today.  It’s still 939 calories burned at the end of the day. 

For dinner…

3 oz chicken, sweet potatoes fries, and carrots with Green Goddess Dressing

It was a quit tasty meal, but I forgot  my sauce for chicken dipping at home 😦

All in all it was a good day. I’m off to do some homework.  I’m not sure how much I will really get done tonight because I’m pretty much feeling pooped.  Isn’t it funny how one day you can feel recharged and then the very next day you feel like you can fall asleep walking?

If you had to choose would you rather have pizza or sushi??


10 Responses to “I Did It!”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Sounds like a great day with a great victory! Kudos to you!!

    I pick pizza. Hands down. That and the fact that I am allergic to ALL seafood. I am told I am missing out on good stuff, but I would rather miss out than go to the hospital. More sushi for the rest of you!!

    Have fun at the wine fest!! I love me some vino!!

  2. kristisn Says:

    Oh my goodness… I don’t know what I would do if I was allergice to seafood! I love it all.
    Thanks! I was pretty proud of myself today. I never turn down a drink!
    I look forward to this wine festival every year. I even put in leave for work! Hahaha I love me some wine.

  3. Di @ http://thetreadmilldiaries.com/ Says:

    Nice job with passing on the beer. Like you said, you don’t have to give it up because we can have everything in moderation. But it’s your call when you have it and how much in light of everything else you want to / or have eaten.

    What a win.

    • kristisn Says:

      Thanks! It did feel like a win yesterday. It also felt good going to sleep knowing I didn’t have those liquid calories to be quilty for when I woke up!

  4. lauravirginia Says:

    You go girl! You are on a roll and doing great – keep up the good work! Hm… pizza or sushi? I would probably lean towards pizza, although I had a veggie roll that I really liked recently… so who knows! Have fun at the wine festival! 🙂

  5. 1lifeabundant Says:

    I almost always prefer pizza. I probably eat it once/week 🙂 A wine festival sounds like a blast–have a great time!

  6. Kelly Says:

    You know, sometimes the little things are what starts something major, like passing on the beer. And I am definitely a pizza girl! I do not eat seafood ever, of any kind. hehe.

  7. Tabitha - Just Weighing In Says:

    Good for you! It’s hard giving things up, isn’t it? Baby steps… 🙂

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