I wasn’t sure how to start my day off today, but figured I couldn’t go wrong with OIAJ…or rather OIAM. 

Oats In A Mug

I added a few chia seeds and a tbs of peanut butter, but it just wasn’t the same as in oats in a jar.  I guess I’m going to have to wait for a near empty jar of peanut butter, but if it comes down to it I would make OIAM to carry me over til the next empty jar.

For my snack today I had some plain yogurt with 1 tbs coconut, 1 tbs white chocolate chips and 1/8 cup slivered almonds.  I love that combination in my yogurt.  You get a little taste of everything. 

My snackage for the morning

The only thing that would make it better would be some blueberries, which I have ready for my yogurt tomorrow.

Lunch was the same salad as yesterday…my salad with the Mexican Flair.  I did add some multigrain tortilla chips to the mix.  Yesterday it just felt like something was missing.  I think because I was so upset about my black beans being disgusting.  The chips did it’s job and it left me feeling satisfied.  For a little after lunch snack I had a crispy rice peanut choco drizzle bar.

So yesterday I had some pear on my pizza and while cutting into the pear I realized I was going to have to make something with the rest of them.  They were a little to ripe for me to just eat plan.  Thankfully, I received The Best Life Diet Cookbook by Bob Greene, in the mail today and when I was flipping through the recipes I saw a Pear and Bana Crisp.  Perfect!

Pears and bananas and a little bit of sugar

The recipe said to use a food processor to make the crisp, but since I was trying to save some time I sed my blender instead.

Ugh, maybe the blender wasn't such a good idea

When this recipe called for a food processor, it meant a food processor.  The blender just didn’t chop like it needed too.  I made it work, but next time I’ll definitely be using the processor.

Ready to cook

While the dessert was cooking, I started on some vegetables purses.  I had some cabbage to use up and went on search of a recipe to help me use it up.  I found this recipe on Foodnetwork‘s website and thought it sounded pretty good.  It also called for some wonton wrappers, which I also needed to use.

I started off by cooking the cabbage in a tbs of sesame oil.

2 cups cabbage and 1 tbs soy sauce

That cooked for about 3 minutes, or until the cabbage was soft and wilted.

Then I put a heaping tsp into the center of each wonton wrapper.

Take up all the edges and press until it looks like a purse

Ready to cook

Heat a tbs of oil.. I used grapeseed oil and cook the  purses for approx 1 minute or until the bottoms are golden.  Add 1/2 cup of chicken broth, simmer, and cover and cook for 5 mintues. 

Once the veggie purses were finished cooking I heated up 3 oz chicken and drizzled some garlic teryaki sauce over top.


This was probably the quikest, easiest, and one of the most tastiest meals I’ve made recently.  This recipe is definitely a keeper.

And then there was dessert…

I cut into this baby and had it with a little bit of sugar free butter pecan ice cream.


This recipe was great.  It wasn’t too sweet, but had just enough sweetness to make it feel like dessert, and since I’m trying to use up my leftovers to make room for Thanksgiving leftovers, I think I’m going to have this crisp for breakfast.  Sounds good to me!

Justine helped me get the dishes cleaned…

And now we have to get ready for one more day of work.  Yessss!


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