Manic Monday

It’s just another manic Monday…. wish it was Sunday… that’s my fun day… got to love the Bangles. 🙂

My morning didn’t start off manic.  It started out nice.  Though I slept through my 4:00 am alarm clock and got up at 4:30 missing my exercises for the day (I think I haven’t exercised except one day in December… I”m ashamed… I must stop this nonsense), I had a pretty nice breakfast to get me ready for the work day.  I had a little leftover frozen fruit that I put with some light vanilla soy milk, and chia seeds for a smoothie.  I also had one of my muffins that taste like doughnuts and a tbs of vanilla hazelnut spread.

Sooo good.

I find the best things at World Market.  I always find things I’ve never heard of, and always find new things I want to try.

Muffins with a little bit of sweetness


I got to work and was expecting a nice relaxing day when I opened my psychology book and realized that I had two chapters to read instead of one for my test tomorrow.  Let the panic begin!  I have been on top of my school work all semester, until now.  I started reading and we started getting busy.  I was trying to go between reading and answering phones, and handling people who are walking in.  My whole day was crazy, and I had this overwhelming anxiety all day.  I got a chapter and a half read at work, and am still trying to get the other half done by tomorrow.

For lunch I had a repeat of Friday’s lunch… ham sandwich on Arnold’s sandwich thin with some Laughing Cow Queso cheese.  I can’t get enough of that cheese.  I had some snikkidy cheese fries with it and a Weight Watchers lemon mini bar… but I didn’t really like it.  I also had some plain greek yogurt, banana, and glazed pecans for a snack.  I’m beginning to think that glazed pecans makes anything delicious.

After work I went to BJ’s with my parents and started buying the last few things I need for my party that is almost a week away.  12 days to be exact.  I can’t wait.  Tomorrow I’m going dress shopping with my bestie Erin.  I was so hungry when I went to BJ’s that I slipped up and made an impulse buy.


They were on sale and I had a coupon… and couldn’t resist. 

For dinner I had left over pasta with pumpkin and sausage sauce with a little rotisserie chicken on the side.  I was so hungry when I got home I ate it before I could get a picture taken. 

I had a Sweet Moment brownie for dessert and was happy when I only ate half of it and threw the other half away.

I have some exciting news I’m going to Trader Joe’s tomorrow for the first time.  What must I buy?

and now I must go and get the rest of that chapter read!


7 Responses to “Manic Monday”

  1. Di @ Says:

    You’re going to have a blast at Trader Joe’s tomorrow. I think you should go with what strikes your fancy.

    There’s so much to choose from and with their quality you really can’t go wrong. Can’t wait to read all about it.

  2. Jess Says:

    good luck on the test!

  3. lauravirginia Says:

    Oh goodness, you are going to LOVE Trader Joe’s! You MUST try their white bean hummus and any of the frozen pizzas! They also have mini peanut butter cups that are DELICIOUS but oh so dangerous!

  4. Jaclyn (Ananda Prana) Says:

    I adore the Wasabi peas from Trader Joe’s… you are going to love it there!!

  5. Laura Says:

    That hazelnut spread looks AMAZING!

    The best thing I’ve ever bought from TJs is their peanut butter/almond butter that has added flax seeds.

  6. erica @ fashionmeetsfood Says:

    Have fun at Trader Joes! The Pumpkin pancakes/waffles are delish!


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