Coffee Lover

Today is my day off, and Justine’s first day back at school, and as much as I love that little girl I’m glad to have a day to myself 🙂

I’ve spent most of my morning taking down the Christmas tree and putting away all the decorations.  Phew!  That is a workout in itself.  As much as I’m sad to see Christmas go, I’m glad to see my house getting back in order some what.  I’m on a mission to declutter this house!

I haven’t taken any food pictures today, because it’s still the same leftovers.  I keep looking in my fridge thinking… I’m getting there.  I’m getting rid of these leftovers so I can start making new meals.  Does anyone else feel like that?

So since my meals have been pretty boring let me tell you about the Christmas present I bought myself…

Keurig Mini Brewer

Keurig makes the best cup of coffee and they have so many flavors to choose from.  I’m having fun trying a different flavor every morning.  I also got a filter that I can put my own coffee in.  I’m in love with it 🙂  I used to be a one cup of coffee a day girl, and now I’m a 1-3 cup of coffee a day girl.  I know that novelty will probably wear off, but right now I’m enjoying all my coffee.  I also have a Tassimo coffee maker that makes cappuccinos, lattes, and coffee.  I think I’m going to keep both for the different types of coffee drinks they make.

Justine starts piano lessons tonight, and I’m hoping to get my treadmill run in this evening.

Now I’m off to finish cleaning up some before it’s time to pick Justine up from school!


11 Responses to “Coffee Lover”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    I feel the same way! I have so much food in the fridge and I want to get rid of most of it, but I don’t want to just throw away food! Ugh! Time to get creative!

    I am a coffee lover too. But I phase between coffee and tea. Anyways, hope you enjoy your alone time! =)

  2. Jenn@slim-shoppin Says:

    I just started drinking coffee a year ago! Now I love it. That’s an awesome coffee maker!

    I totally agree with you about having a day to yourself! Although I am pretty sure its been years since I was alone in my own house, there is always someone there! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. Di @ Says:

    Keurig’s are awesome. Love ours. Enjoy it. 🙂

  4. Khara Says:

    Busy Mama! Sounds like you’ve got it made on the coffee drinks over there! How do you like your treadmill? Which one do you have?

    • kristisn Says:

      I don’t know what kind of treadmill I have. It’s ancient…has to be like 15 years old. I stole it from my parents and it still works pretty well. I don’t like treadmills, but it’s easy to do since it’s at my house.

  5. Mary Says:

    I need to take my tree down too! Sounds like a great day to yourself!!

  6. Erika Says:

    I love coffee! Unfortuately, if I go a day without drinking it I get a terrible caffeine headache! 😦

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