It Finally Happened

I woke up early this morning.  I had a big day planned.

For breakfast I had the last of my Monkey Bread.  I added the link to the recipe on Kraft Foods.  It’s the easiest thing to make, and oh so good.  I sent some home with my dinner date from Sunday, so I was happy to finish it up this morning.

It was a little big... but I was ready to finish it up

It was quite a big piece, but I was ready to be done with it and I needed the extra fuel for my exciting day!

After taking Justine to school and coming back to the house to Erin we hopped in the car and started our long drive to….

TRADER JOE’S!  Finally I can say that I went to Trader Joe’s… and just as I type this I can’t believe I forgot to get Peanut Flour!  Grrr… *slapping my forehead*  I guess it gives me another excuse to go back there sometime soon.  We pulled into the parking lot and I was a little surprised by how small it looked.  How can a small building hold so many great products?

I couldn’t wait to get inside. 

I grabbed my cart… and first stop was the wine.  I ended up buying a case of the pretty inexpensive wine.  I got a few different kinds to try.

I tried to remember everything people had suggested I get last time I was going.

Hummus: Check

Pizza: Check

Pumpkin Cream Cheese (I don’t know if anyone told me to get that), but: Check

People were zipping past me as I was looking around trying to take it all in.

I ended up walking out of there with some great finds.


Cheese and hummus

I bought a lot of other stuff that I didn’t take a picture of, but as I use it I’m sure I’ll take more pictures.  It was a nice trip and a nice day girl’s day out.

On our way home we stopped but Miso in Fredericksburg.  It’s a Japanese and Sushi restaurant.  By the time we got there I forgot about the camera in my purse.  I think the sound of my stomach growling distracted me from just about everything.

I’ve been really wanting sushi, so when we walked in and saw the special rolls we were sold.  The first one was a power roll.  It had shrimp tempura, wasabi and a bunch of other things (haha.. I’m the worst), topped with a thin slice of filet.  Delicious.  The other roll was something with crab.  It was a soft shell crab topped with tuna and eel sauce.  It was also fabulous.  Lastly we got the Mongolian Crispy Fried Noodles which is stir fried combination of beef, chicken, shrimp and mixed veggie served over crispy thin egg noodles.  We shared all three.  I think I found my new favorite restaurant.  I will definitely be back soon.

It was definitely a good way to spend my day off.


12 Responses to “It Finally Happened”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    I don’t have any store like Trader Joes or Whole Foods near me. The closest stores are an hour south or an hour west! Total bummer!! And you know a regular grocery store doesn’t carry those products! Could you maybe mail me some Pumpkin Cream Cheese?!?! 😀

  2. Khara Says:

    Sounds like a great day! My husband loves monkey bread and my MIL always makes it for him when shes here or we are there.

  3. lauravirginia Says:

    You are going to L-O-V-E those pizzas! So glad you got to go!

  4. adventuresofpretendcook Says:

    Yay for Trader Joe’s! The pumpkin cream cheese is so awesome!

  5. Jackie @ Baking Charms Says:

    pppppppperfect day off 🙂 glad you had fun!

  6. Di @ Says:

    Yippee!!! Trader Joe’s rocks. Glad you got to go.

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