Where Did the Weekend Go??

I blinked my eyes and the weekend was over 😦

I have to start with Friday… National Wine Day and you know that I participated in that.

I have no pics from Friday...so here is a flasback

 Saturday I spent the day with Justine.  We had an eye doctor’s appointments first thing in the morning.  Justine was hoping that she would get glasses, which she didn’t.  When the eye doctor told her that her eyes were fine she got a really teary eyed.  I had to explain to her that not having to wear glasses can be a good thing.  I had to get a new pair.  The pair that I had gotten a few years ago were actually the wrong prescription.  Good thing I don’t wear them too often.

Next we headed to Famous Dave’s to have lunch with one of my friends, Karen.  We’ve been friends since the 8th grade…. over half my life.  I don’t go to Famous Dave’s too often, but every once in a while I’ll get a craving for some meat.  Does anyone watch Man V. Food?  I watch it every once in a while and one time saw the host Adam Richmond eating some brisket and ever since then I wanted some.  I had never had brisket before.  I ordered a lunch combo that consisted of a little bit of brisket, 2 ribs, 2 corn muffins, and some fries.  Needless  to say it was both my lunch and dinner.  I’m also happy to report that after eating brisket, I don’t think I would want it again.  It was fatty.  And it didn’t look like the brisket Adam had.  I think he was in Texas… maybe that’s where I need to go.

Next up we went to Target for a little shopping.  I love our Super Target.  It never really seems to be overly packed even on the weekends.  I did a little damage to the wallet, but was all things that I had on my list for a while.

And finally we hit up Cold Stone to get some ice cream to go.  I think we went  a little over board.  This is now what my freezer looks like.

And then there was Sunday.  I worked during the day, and am now getting everything ready for tomorrow.  I’m also counting down the hours until I can go to sleep. 

It was a pretty good weekend, all except for I caught my guy friend in a lie and am not sure what to do.  The lie was pretty miniscule, but if someone were to lie about something so small, doesn’t that say something about their character?  I’m a little hurt.  I refused to let this person in out of fear of getting hurt.  I pushed and pushed for two months not wanting to start anything, and slowly he broke me down.  I must say this past week I really started falling… and then bam. He lied.  Now I’m stuck.  What to do, what to do.  I’m sure the answer will come to me.  I just need to give it time, but how I wish that people could just act right…. just once.


12 Responses to “Where Did the Weekend Go??”

  1. Thetreadmilldiaries Says:

    It’s cool that you’re still friends with folks you grew up with.

  2. Kat Says:

    Lady, if there is a Day of Importance like…say…National Wine Day, you SO have to give me advanced notice. That is Precisely the kind of thing we observe.

  3. Laura Says:

    Lying… that’s a hard one! I wish you nothing but clarity as you figure out how to deal with it!! And if all else fails… at least your freezer is stocked 🙂

  4. biz319 Says:

    Give brisket another chance – typically its not a fatty cut of meat at all – good brisket is just so tender – alright, now I need to make brisket! 😀

    Not sure what to do about the lie – but I agree, if you lie about something small that doesn’t matter, what happens when something big happens?

  5. Jess Says:

    weekends are flyinggg for me, too- and i am obsessed with coldstone.
    have you talked to your friend? is there any reason for it?

  6. Alissa Says:

    I say ask the guy about what he lied about. Communication is key!

  7. Natalia - a side of simple Says:

    I can’t believe I missed out on National Wine Day!! Yesterday was National Margarita Day, but with school and work I couldn’t exactly celebrate. I think I’ll just have to make up for it this weekend… 🙂

  8. Angela (the diet book junkie) Says:

    wait: national wine day? how was i not informed??
    (actually i ended up at a wine event on the weekend myself. 2000 wines available for tasting….yah….good times.)

    i’m sorry to hear that about your friend. 😦 hope everything works out!

  9. Khara Says:

    It always goes too fast doesn’t it?! Sounds like an awesome weekend. I love the relationship you have with your daughter 🙂 Sorry that your guy friend was a doofus. Maybe it was an honest mistake? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it was a slip up and not a pattern. Hugs

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