A Back Up Plan

I woke up this morning thinking “What the hell is that sound?”  I realized it was my alarm clock waking me up and I had to stop a minute to figure out why it was going off so darn early.

Ugh…. day work!!!

I had set my alarm for 1/2 an hour earlier than I usually get up.  I wanted to get in my 30 day shred workout, and I did without any whining or crying.

I made a green monster with this

I proceeded to throw my green monster out.  Wahhhhh!  You know it must have been real bad for me to throw a green monster out since I ❤ green monsters.  I used coconut milk, strawberries, spinach, and the vanilla almond vegan protein mix.  I’m not sure what didn’t sit right… the strawberries being frozen?  Too much vanilla almond mix?  No banana?  All I know is that I took a sip and spit it out.  Next time I might use less mix and see how that goes.  I was really disappointed.  I instead had an egg beater, sandwich thin, and laughing cow cheese sandwich.  It’s always nice to have a back up plan.

I had worked during the day so for a snack I brough a chickfila parfait.  I had a free coupon for it, and I really don’t pass anything up that is free.  However if it was my choice to buy one… I wouldn’t.  The calories are a little high.  The sugar is even more… a whopping 32 grams of sugar.  It doesn’t surprise me.  I just think that knowing is half the battle 🙂

Cookie Crumb yogurt parfait

I must say that this is ….yum!  However if I’m going to eat 240 calories, I think I can find something better.

Lunch consisted of my Chorizo and black bean stew with tortilla chips.  Everyone that walked through commented on how good it smelled.

And my afternoon snacks were

Fuji apple... delicious

A few cookies

I had already planned to eat some leftovers this evening, but once I got to my parent’s house to pick Justine up and my grand parent’s stopped by we all decided to go to the local pizzeria.  Justine and I split a white pizza.  My half had bacon and pineapple on it.  So good.  We also had some ice cream for dessert.  Oh, how greedy I was.  I love it when we can all get together and have dinner.  Four generations sitting at a table…. I love it.

I wanted to get on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes once I got home, but after I rolled myself home I think I’m going to pass.

I’m glad that I got up this morning and got part of my work out done.  At least I don’t feel like today was a total waste.


4 Responses to “A Back Up Plan”

  1. Hally Says:

    I think the new blog is pretty. Yay for getting up early….I’m SO bad about that, unless I’m working out with some one else. I admire you for that.

  2. Alissa Says:

    Great job on getting your 30 Day Shred workout in early in the morning! Everything looks delicious!

  3. Laura Says:

    The first time I tried that flavor of Vega, I just shook it up with some vanilla almond milk… I thought I was going to throw-up! I think they definitely require a banana to mask some of the flavor…

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