Today is my last day off, but being that it’s the beginning of the week I feel like I need to get my rear end back on to some kind of schedule.  I’ve slacked the past week and a half… I slacked big time.

This morning I was determined to start the day off right.  Missing Hawaii I decided to make some Espresso Chocolate Chip Hula Girl pancakes.  I saw this package in Hawaii and knew I had to buy it…. now I’m wishing I had bought a few.  To go with my pancakes I drank Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Chocolate Caramel Truffle coffee.


That was the best breakfast.

I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, so after I dropped Justine off at school I headed to my appointment.  After having breakfast at 6:30, I knew I would be hungry on my way home so I decided to pack some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus and some pita chips.  It might not have been the best choice since I needed to eat and drive, but I managed it quite well.  I love the combination of the sweet hummus and the salty pita chips. 

Hummus and Pita chips

For lunch I kept it simple with a salad.  I had a little romaine, tomatoes, onions, rice noodles, 3 oz chicken and 2 tbs Panera Asian Sesame dressing.


It’s back to tracking and measuring, and making sure I’m eating well which I totally need.

I think today is the first day that I haven’t had a drink or two or three…

But I did have one of my favorite non- alcoholic drinks….

A green monster… it was so good.  So good that I drank it before I could even take a picture of it.

I think being on the go has finally caught up to me today because it’s still light outside but I can hardly keep my eyes open.  I definitely needed a nonstressful dinner and decided to use some Trader Joe’s chicken sausage that I had in the freezer.

I cooked a box of macaroni and cheese and some frozen broccoli and dinner was served.

Quick and tasty dinner.. my favorite kind

I had to admit that sometimes, I just miss the taste of boxed macaroni and cheese.

You know all those times that I cried about not having a cupcake or froyo shop nearby… I’ve been lying to you.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but Fredericksburg has it’s very own cupcake shop, Colonial Cupcakes.  This past Friday Justine was allowed to bring two friends to stay with her a night at the Marriott.  She loves hotels and especially ones with indoor pools.  It was such a nice day out that we ventured across the street to the cupcake shop.  All of the cupcakes looked terrific.  Red velvet, Irish, Maple Pancake, Smores…

I wish I had my camera that night, but forgot it in the rush out the door.  I got four cupcakes since they had a deal if you bought four. We were the last customers of the night and when we got back to our room our box was filled with cupcakes, probably one of each kind they had.  Needless to say I’ve been averaging about one cupcake a day since Friday.  They are so good. 

Tonight it was the Maple Pancake with Maple Frosting…. yum!

Today was also my first day back to exercising…

I did the first day of the couch to 5k workout and finished that off with the 30 Day Shred.  I was just shy of my 500 calories burned, coming in at 495.  I’m just glad I broke the nonexercising streak.

I also drank 64 oz of water…. phew.  It feels like a long time since I drank a lot of water.  It feels good.

Even though having to face reality isn’t all that great, I am kind of glad to be back into a routine of things.  Life seems to be a little easier when there some kind of routing.


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  1. Laura Says:

    A MAPLE CUPCAKE? Oh my goodness… maple is my favorite everything! I look forward to eating it once this cleanse is done… thanks for asking about it! I feel a lot better in a lot of different ways actually. Mornings are so much easier and my energy levels are better than before! I think a lot of it had to do with cutting out caffeine 100%

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