What was I thinking???

My morning started out as usual…

Green Monster

But instead of this in my coffee

6 grams of sugar per tbs

I used this…

0 grams of sugar per tbs and a drop or two

Switching up wasn’t that bad.  Actually I hardly noticed it.  I drink flavored coffee so I’m still getting flavor, and honestly using the flavored cream didn’t do too much for me since I only used a tbs in my coffee.

I did my 30 day shred workout and my couch to 5k run this morning, and after that had my midmorning snack.

Plain yogurt, 1/2 banana, and 1/4 cup glazed walnuts

So the other day I was at the grocery store and I was trying to be a little frugal.  I passed up the greek yogurt and just got regular plain yogurt.  What was I thinking???  The minute I was scooping the yogurt into my bowl I knew my decision was a fail.  I will spend the few extra dollars and get greek yogurt from now on.  I’m spoiled by my creamy greek yogurt.

For lunch.. I tried out a new product from Flat Out.

Artisan Flat Bread

I cut up some veggies…

I mixed in with some chicken and mustard.

I heated up Green Giant‘s vegetable medley in the microwave and lunch was served.  Quick and easy.

I’m one of those types who can’t just eat a sandwich.  I always have to have a side… fruit, veggies, salad, and yes maybe even chips.  I’ve been trying to stay away from the chips so figured that some veggies and potatoes would be a better choice.  Anyone else out there that feels incomplete with just a sandwich??

The rest of my snacks for the day are

cantaloupe, peanut butter chocolate chip hummus with pita chips, and a mousse temptation

Dinner is up in the air.  Well, my coworker is bringing in something she made and though it should make me nervous since I don’t know the calories in what she has made, I feel okay about it.  I know that I ate right and exercised today.  I did what I was supposed to do and I’m sure whatever she makes won’t be too bad for me.  I never pass up a meal I don’t have to make 🙂


6 Responses to “What was I thinking???”

  1. adventuresofpretendcook Says:

    I usually feel incomplete with just a sandwich too. Sometimes I will have fruit with it. Or I will have some chips and salsa. I have to make sure and stop at one serving though. Chips are so addictive!

  2. Laura Says:

    J-e-a-l-o-u-s. I know I have to cook tonight but I’d really rather be lazy!!

  3. krisgetshealthy Says:

    I totally cant do just a sandwich, I need some veggies or fruit or chips or a salad or something with it.
    As for the yogurt fail, I am with you on that, I had a “regular” yogurt after having greek (chobani in particular) for so long and it just was not as good. I think the amount of protein in it is worth the extra money. Plus I think it is just better for me. It seems less sugary and more satisfying.

  4. Kat Says:

    I didn’t know how much of a difference greek yogurt made until I tried making reverse switch. It was baffling, really. Regardless, it’s hard to know until you do it!

    p.s. TOTALLY agree with you about the sandwiches!

  5. allieksmith Says:

    I am totally spoiled with greek yogurt too.. its sad haha. Their is nothing like it! I also LOVE to have sides with my sandwich too! 🙂

  6. Jenn@slim-shoppin Says:

    Hi Kristi!!! I’m super behind on blog reading –

    I love the idea of hummus in a wrap, I’ve never done that before. I love the flat out wraps – so many things you can do with them

    Have a super day!

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