Something New

It’s still 76 degrees in my house…

It feels better outside then it does in my house.

What better way to star off a hot morning then with my favorite… a Green Monster.

sunday 008

You guys are going to be shocked tomorrow by my breakfast.  I’ll give you a clue… it’s not a green monster Smile  I know shocking, right?

Once I got home from taking Justine to school I decided to get my exercise on.  Really I wanted to get it done before I made an excuse not to.  I did the whole Ripped in 30 DVD by Jillian Michaels.  In 35 minutes I burned 349 calories!  I was shocked.  A happy shocked.  I also played Just Dance 2 and danced to 4 songs and burned another 200 calories.  I love Just Dance 2.  I have to say it’s better when Justine and I play together, but to get a little extra workout…. best idea ever.

For lunch I had a salad.

tuesday 003

 Into the mix went romaine lettuce, Gorton’s Blackened fish fillet, veggies, wonton strips, and Asian Sesame dressing.  I didn’t have any fresh veggies, so I decided to cook up this.tuesday 002

The veggies were perfect on top of this salad.  This was one of the best salads. 

My snacks were a few of the same…

tuesday 001

Chobani plain Greek yogurt, bananas, and a few Nature Valley Nut clusters crushed.  This combo was pretty good, but I think my heart still is with glazed pecans.


tuesday 004

tuesday 008

And for dinner

tuesday 006

Chicken tortilla soup… it looks a mess, but it’ll do.  My stomach has been a little upset the past few days.  I don’t feel bad, but I don’t feel good.  I hope whatever it is, it goes away.  I can’t have stomach issues.

So after here people talk about Windows Live Writer I decided to give it a try.  This is my first post using Windows Live so this will be a learning process for me.  I’m excited to try something new!


6 Responses to “Something New”

  1. Jess Says:

    Combining workout and play is the best!

  2. fashionfitnessfoodie Says:

    I had a jello mousse tonight too 🙂 Whipped cream and crushed pretzel sticks make the best toppings!

  3. Laura Says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have a house that was 76 degrees inside, haha. Mine is always cold!

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