A Little Something For Me

My Easter weekend was pretty low key.

Saturday I got off work at 6:30 am and drove to my parent’s house so I could get a few hours of sleep.  It felt like I had just closed my eyes when Justine was coming into the room telling me that everyone was there.  My sister, her husband and my niece and nephew, along with my grandparent’s had come over for Easter lunch.

I got up, but never really felt like I had woken up. 

The lunch spread was ham, squash pie, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, and an Edible Arrangement.  They have the best fruit.  I had a little bit of each.  I did not take any pictures.  Sorry!  I was too tired to be thinking about photographing my food, and my family doesn’t know about this blog so it would be hard to explain why I was taking pictures of my food.

The kiddos had an Easter egg hunt, and since it had rained the day before we decided it would be best to have the hunt inside.

Justine was finding all the eggs….

Easter 003

Because these weren’t just any eggs… they were money eggs!

Easter 004

I’m still crying to my mother about her not having an Easter egg hunt for the grown ups.  I could use a few dollars. Winking smile

I had to work Saturday night to Sunday morning, so as soon as I got off I raced drove the speed limit to my parents so that Justine could see what the Easter Bunny had left her.

Easter 005

The Easter Bunny must know she loves Mini Eggs… there were six bags there!

The Easter Bunny even left a little something for me!

Easter 007

Sorry for the gross picture…. this is what being up all night looks like.

Justine and I ended up at home and spent the rest of Easter day relaxing.  It was a perfect day.


11 Responses to “A Little Something For Me”

  1. lauravirginia Says:

    Aw, sounds like a great day with your family! And you look GREAT, girl! – Especially for staying up all night!!! 😀

  2. beyondbananas Says:

    Hahah .. Justine will sure have her fill of mini eggs!

  3. flip flops & pearls Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words!

    I am all about the $$ eggs!!! LOL

    Hope your having a great Monday!

  4. flip flops & pearls Says:

    Hmmmm……I think my comment got eaten!!

  5. Kat Says:

    I’m glad that you and Justine had such a wonderful Easter together – those memories are the ones I treasure the most with my mother!

  6. Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down) Says:

    Money eggs are the best. :mrgreen:

    So glad you had a wonderful Easter! 😀

  7. Laura Says:

    money eggs and Mini Eggs… what more could a girl want?!

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