Give Me a Cookie

I love cookies.  Well, I love anything that falls under the sweets category… cookies, cakes, brownies, candy.

I think you could say I have a problem, but this problem I’m willing to keep.

I was pleasantly surprised when these showed up at my door.

wed 001

Wheat and Gluten Free Lemon Cookies from the Wow Baking Company.

I’m not going to lie…

When I first opened the box and saw Lemon cookies I thought “hmmmm… lemon?”

When I think of cookies I think peanut butter, chocolate, but not lemon.

I checked out the stats on the back of the package, and loved that I could pronounce everything on the ingredient list.

And braced myself… so I could try a lemon cookie.

wed 003

First thought… soft.  Second thought… chewy.  Third thought…I didn’t think I would like a lemon cookie so much.  Fourth thought the sugar on the outside really gave it that extra oomph.

They were delicious.  And then I started thinking about how delicious they would be in some yogurt.  That will be the next way I try them.

And just so you know Wow Baking Company sent me these cookies to sample.  My thoughts on these cookies are 100% mine.


5 Responses to “Give Me a Cookie”

  1. Hally Says:

    Might have to give them a try. Never heard of them though, only local?

  2. fashionfitnessfoodie Says:

    Ah what a nice treat to have on your door step 🙂

  3. Laura Says:

    Those sound delicious! I’m just starting on a bit of a lemon kick now… it all began with a little Godiva Lemon Mousse truffle… can yo blame me?? 🙂

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