My eyes are open

My midnight shift is finally over.  Woooohoooo! Rolling on the floor laughing

I’m so excited to be back to the land of the living.  Working all night really takes a toll on your body.  It feels like no matter how much sleep you get, it’s never enough.

My plan was to come home and get a little sleep…

but as you can see my body isn’t playing along.

Instead I decided to make some breakfast for my grumbling tummy.

Here is what went into my breakfast

thursday 001

Coconut milk, vanilla froyo, mango, and strawberries.  I was glad to use up the strawberries and mango they were on the verge of going bad.

I threw it all into the blender and voila breakfast is served.

thursday 002

I’m hoping to get a little sleep today.  Justine has ballet after school and then I’m off to celebrate being off midnights with one of my girl friends from work.

I haven’t had a night out in a long time, so I’m pretty excited to be having a girl’s night out.

Maybe with all the excitement… it being my “Friday”, getting to a night away… it’s all keeping my eye lids open instead of closed.

I’m off to clean my house up a little. 

Enjoy your day! Smile


7 Responses to “My eyes are open”

  1. Alissa Says:

    Have fun!! 🙂

  2. Cara @ ChicMeetsHealthy Says:

    I always make protein shakes in the morning when i have limited time!

  3. fashionfitnessfoodie Says:

    Have fun at girls night 🙂 Smoothie is always the best way to get rid of that fruit thats on it’s edge!

  4. Alexa @ Simple Eats Says:

    Yum that smoothie looks good! Mangoes are my favorite fruit. Have a fun girls night!

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