All in a day

So I’ve decided that I must get more creative with my post titles.  The past 2 had the word celebrate in them.  I mean it was for two different things… yesterday was celebrating me being done with school for the summer and today it’s to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but still… I think I can do better.Winking smile

I’m going to try something new today. 

Everyday I start my morning with breakfast and my Google reader.  I begin reading all of your wonderful blogs, and then throughout the day I sit read a few, get up do something, sit read a few, get up and doing something… you get the picture.  It seems like I’m at my computer A LOT.  Today I’m giving myself a time limit.  40 straight minutes of blog reading in the morning.  A hour of blog reading a night.  I’m going to pull myself away from the computer, so I can stop feeling like my butt is spreading from all the sitting I do.

As you can probably tell by my foods lately, I’m running out of groceries and haven’t had a chance to get to the store… enter my freezer.

For lunch I got out Morningstar’s Sesame Chicken

de 002

As frozen foods go, this isn’t so bad.  I’ve gotten it before and I’m sure I’ll get it again.  The sauce isn’t over powering and there are a good amount of veggies throughout.

de 003

After eating I packed a few snacks for the road since I knew most of my afternoon would be spent in the car.

de 001

Banana, 1/2 an apple, Honey Cinnamon almonds, and Food Should Taste Good Olive tortilla chips (for Cinco de Mayo).

And since I know you are all wondering just how busy my day was I’m going to give you a play by play .Smile

11:42- Leave home

11:51- Stop to get gas and curse gas prices as the dollar amount keep turning much faster then the gallons.  I also set in a puddle of something… I’m hoping water and walk around with a wet flip flop.

11:56- Back on the road.

Eat my Honey Cinnamon Almonds cause I needed something sweet.

12:18- Run into Target to pick up a prescription. Look over at Starbucks and see they have Mocha Coconut Frappuccino’s!!!!  I stop and get myself a treat.  The last time I saw these was in Hawaii… and I was hoping they would make it this way.

12:27- Back on the road

12:32- Arrive at work for our supervisor’s meeting.

2:23- Back on the road.

Eat my Food Should Taste Good Olive Tortilla chips.  Which is my first time having this flavor.  It’s good, but not my favorite.  I couldn’t really detect an olive-y flavor.

Eat my half an apple.

3:34- Arrive at my campus so I can return a text book I rented for the semester.

3:46- Back on the road.

Eat my banana.

4:31- Arrive at home for a few minutes since I have to wait for Justine to get back from her ballet class.

4:48- Leave to go get Justine from my parent’s house.

5:02- Arrive at parent’s house.

5:38- Leave parent’s house.

6:02- Arrive back at home.

And that’s all in my day, not really a usual day, but it’s a busy one.

Now I’m home drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the rest of my night.


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