Weekend Recap

What a fun filled weekend I had.

It started off on Friday.  Once I picked Justine up from school we went over to World Market where I picked up a few things.

monday 002

Ramekins!  I’ve been wanting some ramekins for a while and for $2.99 for the set how could I pass them up?  Every time I go to World Market I begin to love it more and more.  It has so many great things from kitchen tools to food.

We then headed over to my friend Erin’s house.  Erin and her family used to be my neighbors, but moved about 30 minutes back in March.  This was actually the first time we hung out since they moved.  They have two kids.  Their daughter is the same age as Justine and Justine’s first ever best friend and then they have a son a little younger.

After a few Skinny Girl margaritas we had a delicious dinner…. grilled steak and chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, and baked potato.  So yummy.  We had a glass of wine and the kids decide to challenge me to a Just Dance 2 battle.  They didn’t know I’ve been practicing!  I beat two of the kids with my dancing skills Smile  I wish I had brought my camera!  There were a few videos taken but they mysteriously got erased…

We ended up staying the night since I had a few drinks, and by 7:00 Saturday morning we were up and moving.  Sometimes after a few drinks I just can’t sleep through the night.  I’ll wake up early in the morning toss and turn, but will not be able to go back to sleep.

On our way home we stopped by a bakery to get a treat for breakfast Mother’s Day morning.  I got an iced coffee and proceeded to drink iced coffees through out the day.

monday 001

Iced Coffee #2

I’ve started to love having Saturday’s off, especially when the sun is shining and the weather is nice.  There’s just this let’s- do- something fun way about it. 

We went up to the car and motorcycle show they were having at the high school to see my Dad.  He had put his motorcycle in and ended up winning first place in the motorcycles! 

****I just realized that I really need to start taking my camera with me.****

After being at home for a little while we got a call that my granddad was in the hospital.  Justine and I went right up there.  They thought he had pneumonia, but really it was just a bad case of bronchitis.  He should be getting out of there in the next few days.  Phew!

Mother’s day was great.

It started off with my favorite….

monday 003

A maple donut.  These are my absolute favorite.

And being the best mom that I am I made Justine pancakes for breakfast (she ate her donut the day before).

I made one special pancake for me using the the leftover Reese’s peanut butter cups.

monday 006

Peanut butter cup pancakes… yes please!

I had leftover chopped up Reese’s because I attempted to make Courtney’s Chocolate PB Cup Cupcakes with Peanut Butter frosting for Mother’s day.

They weren’t a complete fail.  My biggest issue was the icing.  I think I added a little too much milk, and I think if I waited a few minutes to let the icing set they would’ve turned out a lot better.  Instead they turned out like this.

monday 005

monday 008

The icing was a little too runny.  Even though they looked like this, they were still a hit.  Everyone had one at the party and then took some home with them

Mother’s Day was held at my mom’s house.  We had some finger foods.. veggie pizza, brie and raspberry phyllo rolls, apricot chicken and bacon.

monday 010

Justine has been taking piano lessons from my sister so Justine also had her first piano recital.

monday 015

She did so well.  I’m such a proud mommy.

monday 021

And now it’s back to Monday, and back to work.


4 Responses to “Weekend Recap”

  1. Laura Says:

    You must be so excited for Justine… I think playing piano is a hundred times harder than you think it’s going to be! Your poor cupcakes… I bet they still tasted amazing! I’d love to try some of her crazy cupcake recipes too. I just don’t know what I’d do with 80% of the batch since it’s only me here to eat them!

  2. Lisa (I'm an Okie) Says:

    love ramekins! perfect for the nice serving of ice cream!

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