Protein bar review

I received a few sample from Jay Robb to try.  Jay Robb offers all natural whey protein powders, egg white protein, and protein bars.

"I’ve raised the bar on bars and created the JayBar—a great tasting protein bar without sugar, corn syrup, casein, artificial sweeteners, maltitol, acesulfame-K, evaporated cane juice, aspartame, or sucralose!"  —Jay Robb


I’m not too big on protein bars, but I usually have a few on hand.  I’ll take them with me if I know I won’t access too food for a long time, or if I’m going to be on the road for a while.

The first bar I tried was cashew coconut.

friday 002

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the coconut appealed to me.  How can you go wrong with coconut??

And this bar didn’t disappoint.  It was love at first bite.  I think I can easily say that this was my favorite protein bar that I’ve tried.  The coconut and cashew taste were very apparent.  It was a little sweet, but not in a bad way.

It was super chewy, and didn’t taste like anything artificial like some of the protein bars that you get.

I definitely can’t wait to try the peanut butter and brownie bars.

I was sent these samples by the Jay Robb company.  The opinions are 100% mine.


7 Responses to “Protein bar review”

  1. Lori Says:

    I’m not big on protein bars, but this one has me intrigued!

  2. Jackie @ Baking Charms Says:

    I’m a fan of protein bars as long as there aren’t sugar alcohols in them!

  3. Tessa @ Amazing Asset Says:

    Thank you for the review! I actually enjoy protein bars that are not too high in calories and are able to keep me full.
    What are the nutrition facts for these, how much protein?

  4. Kat Says:

    I’m a major fan of coconut. I used to think it was very much a one-trick pony, but it’s really quite a versatile flavor!

  5. Lara @ six times the yum Says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve seen those bars before but have been too afraid to try them. I’m glad to know they’re good, so I’ll give them a try. 🙂

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