Last Day of School

Remember when I dropped my camera breaking it?  Well, I ended up buying another one off of Amazon.  I thought that I had bought the same camera, but it’s a little bit off.  No big deal.. it’s a camera.  Getting mine fixed would cost $100, and being that I already spent $100 getting it fixed the last time, I didn’t want to spend anymore money on that darn camera.  I think it’s jinxed.  I got a used one on Amazon for $55. I think my picture taking will get better than what it has been since I won’t be hearing “Mom, what happened to your camera?  Can you stop using mine to take pictures of your food.”  She just doesn’t get it.

This morning is the last day of school, and though I’m excited to have my daughter home with me more.  I’ll also be missing my freedom during the day when I was off and she was at school.  That being said, I can’t wait for her to get home Smile

My grandparent’s are coming down to take us to lunch to celebrate.  I just hope they have wine where we are going.  It’s my celebration, too.

After dropping Justine off at my parent’s since my Dad was going to the school to help out and ended up taking her the rest of the way I got my run in.  It was a good run.  We are still having good weather.  I love that everyday I push myself with running.  I make myself run a little farther.  Run a little harder.  Run up that hill more than I did the day before.  And with pushing myself I won’t let myself fall back.  I didn’t walk yesterday.  I’m not going to walk today.  My DVD player is broken.  Thanks Memorex.  I had two of the exact same one and they broke days apart.  Since today was a strength training day I had to go to On Demand to find a workout to do.  I chose Jackie Warner’s Upper body.  It was a mix of strength moves and a minute of cardio.  It was hard.  She did a lot of reps and my arms grew tired quite fast.  Following that I did a 12 minute yoga routine.  I love getting a variety of workouts done in a day.

You know how you can tell that you didn’t get enough water the day before.  In the morning you chug two glasses of water and then say “That is so good” to no one I particular because it’s just you in the kitchen.  I love my water and drink cups of it a day.  It’s what I mostly drink besides wine.  There are days where I don’t drink enough and let me tell you…. I can tell the next day.  It’s like my body is craving water.

It doesn’t seem right to have a post without pictures so let me fine one for you….

winery 022

This was taken last summer on our trip to Vermont.  That’s me and my niece.  I Red heart Ben & Jerry’s.

Now my post feels complete.

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2 Responses to “Last Day of School”

  1. Laura Says:

    I totally crave water too! Some days I can’t get enough coffee or tea and other days the thought of caffeine makes me sick. I know that means I’m already dehydrated! Whoops…

  2. Lori Says:

    So proud of you keeping up with your runs! I’ve been slacking & you’re giving me motivation to get back into it!
    Love the Ben & Jerry’s shot!

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