My run this morning was anything but good.

My legs felt like lead.  Like they couldn’t move.  Like each step took all the energy I had at 4:00 in the morning.

I would think that after running outside, running on the treadmill would be somewhat easier, but it wasn’t.  It was a 1,000 times harder.

I had that mental block.

The one that tells you that you can’t run.  That your legs won’t move.  That you should walk.  That there’s something wrong with you.  That you will never be a runner.  That you should just quit.

And you know what the mental block won today.

I got off the treadmill after 25 minutes feeling defeated.

Instead of having that good feeling the rest of the day, I will walk around with guilt. 

At least I’m thinking of what I can do next time.

Do you know what I think I’ve been doing wrong? 

Not stretching after I run, and this morning my legs just felt so tight.

After the not so good treadmill run I went in and decided what to have for breakfast.

wed 002

Half an everything bagel with a egg for dipping on the side.

I also used some bacon salt to sprinkle on my eggs.

wed 001


I saw this over on Mary’s blog and knew I just had to have it.  I went right onto Amazon and ordered me a jar on two, and I have to say that I love it!  I’ve used it on my salads and eggs so far and it goes perfectly on both.  You get that bacon-y taste, but without the bacon.


 At least breakfast was good.


4 Responses to “Defeated”

  1. Becky Says:

    Ya gotta love the days when the runs just feel awful. It’s good to know that they are balanced out every once in a while by those amazing runs!

  2. Lori Says:

    I’ve got to try that bacon salt!

    I’ve had runs like you did this morning…it effected my day and STILL to this day is effecting me. My best advice is to try & work through it now before it snowballs into something bigger.

    I’m also working on stretching more. It’s my must do this week & every time I finish a workout.

  3. Cynthia Says:

    Please don’t feel defeated. You did great because you did SOMETHING. At least you listened to your body. How do you think you would be feeling right now if you had pushed your body to a place it didn’t want to go?? There have been a couple of times where I had to stop exercising after half an hour because thatr’s all my body could take. But I felt great knowing that not only did I get in some form of activity, but I also listened to my body. You will be up for another great workout tomorrow, I am sure. Keep up the great work!

  4. Laura Says:

    I’m about to go for a run… here’s to hoping my mental state is the opposite of yours! But hey, it happens to us all. For me, I’m good in training, but I get the mental block in every organized run or race. Talk about bad timing!!

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