Easy- Peasy

Dinner this evening was easy- peasy… just the way I like it.

Justine had a Book It coupon that she could redeem for a pizza at Pizza Hut.  Not wanting to get pizza and wanting to use up stuff around the house I decided to get their salad bar to go.

Can you believe this salad was only $3!

food 004

Mountain O’ Lettuce.  There was some cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, a little cheese, and some wonton strips all tossed up in there.

I had some chicken tenders leftover from dinner yesterday that Justine had gotten, but didn’t like so I decided the best thing was to throw it on top of my salad.

food 005

Topped off with ranch and Sweet Italian.  Scrumptious.

There is nothing better than working all day and having to put little thought into dinner. 

I wish everyday could be this easy.

I finished The Help.  I am so glad that I read so many good reviews on everyone’s blogs.  It was definitely a great read, and I probably wouldn’t have found it if it was for this awesome blog world out there.  Next on the summer reading program is a YP book.  I decided on the Carrie Diaries.  The Carrie before Sex and the City.  I just started reading it, but not having the internet has freed up a lot of my time at work.  I feel lost without the internet.  Does anyone else not have the internet at work???  

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One Response to “Easy- Peasy”

  1. workingmomworksout Says:

    I agree. The days when I don’t have to think about dinner are the best!

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