Cupcakes, cupcakes Everywhere

Happy Saturday!!!!  Rolling on the floor laughing  I love being off on Saturdays.  I feel like I’m part of the normal world, getting to enjoy the weekend like everyone else.  Today we are going to my parent’s to celebrate Father’s Day.

I told my mom that I would be in charge of dessert and got out my new Cupcake cook book for some recipes.

thursday 005


I decided to make the Kahlua cupcakes for the adults and white cupcakes for the kiddos. 

weekend 006


I might have overfilled the cupcakes a little and they expanded on the top.  I realized the at I have a lot to learn about baking….

Justine helped me with icing the cupcakes.

weekend 007


I ended up making a lot more cupcakes than needed. 

weekend 010

(Sorry about my feet being in the shot!)  There will only be 10 of us at my parent’s house.  9 that can eat cupcakes, one who is a little too young still.

I had attempted to make white chocolate buttercream frosting, but that was a big ol’ Fail!  It said to heat the milk, butter, and white chocolate in a pan until all was melted.  That was my first problem it seemed the white chocolate wouldn’t melt all the way there were little pieces of chocolate in the mix.  I took everything off the heat and started adding the powdered sugar.  It said to add 4 1/2 cups.  I got to 3 and a half and the consistency of the icing was more like dough then like icing.  Should I have taken it out of the hot pot and mixed it in a bowl?  I ended up throwing the icing in the trash and got out a container of icing from the store.  Boo!  It seems like whenever I say I’m going to bring dessert to my parent’s something always goes wrong.

There was a lot of baking going on last night and by the time I was done I crawled into my bed and rested while watching Dual Survival.

This morning I got up and hopped on the treadmill.  I would much rather run outside than the treadmill, but sometimes you got to make due with what you can.  I finished watching Letters to Juliet and I have to say that it was a good movie.  It was romantic.  One of those movies that you think to yourself “Why can’t this happen to me”.  I would recommend anyone to rent this movie.  I also finished reading The Carrie Diaries.  It was so good!  It’s a quick read kind of book.  My favorite part was the last page.  I’m going to have to see if there is another book that goes after that one.  I am now reading Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi.  This is definitely the summer of reading for me.

Justine is begging me to play some Wii, so here I go.  I can’t say no to this face.

weekend 008


3 Responses to “Cupcakes, cupcakes Everywhere”

  1. Laura Says:

    You’re funny for having thrown it out. I probably would have tried to save it and then keep it in the fridge to eat off a spoon, haha.

  2. Tessa at Amazing Asset Says:

    Baking makes me tired too! Don’t worry about the cupcakes over filling, never a bad thing 🙂 You can eat more delicious cake and get more frosting on them when they come out like that 😀

  3. Mary @ Bites and Bliss Says:

    Mmmm overstuffed cupcakes are the best! The tops the best part anyway. 😉 Have fun playing Wii! My cousin begs me to play for hours everytime we visit…and her choice is that dance game. Whew!!

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