Hi my name is Kristi!  First of all thanks for stopping by my blog.  I’m pretty new at this so I’ll be learning as I go.  It’s a trial and error kind of thing.  Second, let me tell you a little about myself.  I’m 29… for another month or so.  I can’t believe I’m going to be 30 this year.  I’m okay with it, but it is one of the reasons that I’ve finally decided to get on this journey to lose weight and be healthy.  I’m a mother to a wonderful 8 year old girl.  She is the high light of my life.  My favorite color is pink.  (I know surprise, surprise).  I’m addicted to trashy reality shows.  The Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom… you name it and my dvr is probably set to record.  I love to eat, and have the occasional drink.  I’m trying to find the right balance.  This journey isn’t all about losing weight.  It’s about being healthy. It’s about learning what my body needs, and finding new healthier things that I might not come across on my own.  I go to college full time and work full time.  My life stays pretty busy, but right now I enjoy it.

So this will be my journey.  My ups and downs.  My accomplishments and failures.  Thanks for being there for me along the way!


20 Responses to “About”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!!! 🙂


  2. kristisn Says:

    Yay! Thanks for being my first comment!

  3. Val Says:

    Welcome to blogging! I struggle finding balance in my eating too. Have you ever tried or read about intuitive eating?

    • kristisn Says:

      I’ve read a little about intuitive eating, but I don’t know too much about it. I know it’s more body wants/needs, rather than worrying about the fats and calories of food. I think I try it at at times, when I give up on the calorie counting and just try to eat as I feel the need. Have you tried or know more about intuitive eating? I love to learn more about creating a healthier life. Thanks!

      • Val Says:

        I have a bunch of posts on my blog about it, but the big thing that helps me is the book called Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and another doctor.

  4. purplebirdblog Says:

    I too am working full-time and going to massage therapy school… quite a wild ride thus far! Thanks for visiting my blog, happy to repay the visit! 😀

  5. Di @ http://thetreadmilldiaries.com/ Says:

    Congrats on making this commitment. Looks like you have the right outlook and motivation to achieve your goal of getting healthy. I wish you nothing but the best and much success on your journey.

    • kristisn Says:

      Thank you! It’s a tough journey. Sometimes I get so discourages, but I’m just going to try and be positive and take the ups and downs that I’m sure will come my way.

  6. Kelsey Says:

    im addicted to reality tv and it will never stop. and id never want it to. i think life would be so dull without it..i mean what would we do, watch LAW & ORDER!?? lol
    loveee this pic of you! just noticed the tattoo 🙂 would love to know the meaning behind it- i think its beautiful how its placed semi on the collar bone and shoulder ❤

    • kristisn Says:

      Reality tv is the best! I love the drama that is on those shows. It’s the best entertainment. My dvr is filled with recordings of reality shows I try to keep up with.
      My tattoo says Tell Me No Lies. I told my daughter it was for her, because any time I think she’s lying to me I’m going to make her come give me a hug so she can read my tattoo 🙂 It’s also for everyone else, too. Being a single lady dating is so hard so I figure if my date sees my tattoo right off the bat, he knows I’m not into the lying game.

  7. spoonfulofsugarfree Says:

    HI! I just came across your blog, and I thought I would stop by! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    Your food looks very yummy, by the way!

  8. Lexie Says:

    I heart trashy reality TV too. Let’s be friends ❤

  9. Anna Down Under Says:

    Hello — just stumbled across your blog and thought I’d say hi. The only reality show I ever watch is Biggest Loser, and I do still follow the American one even though I now live in Australia (cuz it’s better than the Aussie version! LOL). Looking forward to following your posts.

  10. Stylish Blogger Award | Keeping Up With Katie Says:

    […] Kristi, at Eat, Drink, Love & Exercise […]

  11. Lauren Says:

    I love reality shows too!! Great blog! 🙂

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