Saturday rundown

When I woke up this morning I decided the first thing I was going to do was get my run in.  I didn’t want to procrastinate and run out of time, so I figured it was better to run before Justine woke up.

I’ve realized that I probably won’t be running outside too often anymore.  With the heat outside and Justine getting ready to be out of school it looks like running on the treadmill is going to be the best option for me.  There is no place for me to run where I live and had been running in my parent’s neighborhood.  Running is running though and as long as I continue to run on the treadmill I feel like I will progress with my distance.

My eats have been pretty much repeats of the days before.  Cereal, fruit, yogurt.

Today I decided to get my Lemon cookies out from the Wow bakery to use as a mixin for my yogurt since I’m out of coconut granola.  Sad smile  I will be making some more asap.  I love that stuff.

saturday 004

These cookies are so good.  They are soft and have are dusted with sugar.  I can’t believe they have lasted in my house as long as they have and still taste as fresh as the day that I got them.

I had to take Justine over to my parent’s house this morning to get ready for her ballet performance.  I’m sad that I’m going to be missing it.  I have to work this evening so my parent’s will be taking her to the performance.  I know that she is going to dance beautifully.

For lunch I had my leftover seafood fajitas on some lettuce.

saturday 005

In the seafood fajita there was yellow squash, zucchini, tomato, shrimp, scallops, and tilapia.  Yum!  That was a delicious salad and was so filling.  It was the perfect light mid day meal for me.

I’m having a rough time at work lately.  I know that I don’t really talk about work too often on my blog, but sometimes it’s the biggest stress factor in my life.  At my work my section is filled with a bunch of women.  The age varies from 20 to 60, and there are so many different personalities that often times clash.  I know that  a lot of work places are filled with the unneeded drama, but sometimes working where I do, it feels like I’m working in  a high school.  It’s so hard trying to make things better, and in the end get more people talking behind your back and not supporting you as their co- worker or supervisor.  I’ve been going through a lot with it and I hope that with time it will get better.  Does anyone else deal with a not so friendly working environment and how do you deal with it?  I feel a little lost right now on what I should do or how to handle it.  It’s not hard to go to work when it’s not something that you enjoy.   I guess I should look at the bright side of things and be happy that I have a job when there are so many people out there that want a job and don’t have one.  It’s time to look at the brighter side of things.



2 Responses to “Saturday rundown”

  1. fashionfitnessfoodie Says:

    Don’t let what people say get to you!! Rise above it 🙂 – Smile at them…Nothing annoys haters more than to see you happy!

    • kristisn Says:

      So true! I’m definitely going to go to work and not worry about the few haters there. Just because they are miserable doesn’t mean I have to be.

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